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MyX pays you to watch your favorite streamer.
Watch 2 earn (W2E) is here!

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Watch Your Way to Success

The next level of esports!


Earn the $CX token for simply watching your favorite streamers.


Trade your $CX token for rewards from some of the world’s biggest brands.


Keep up with esports events easily on MyX so you know exactly when to watch.


W2E is just the beginning for the $CX token!

MyX Features

Take a look at how MyX helps you get paid to watch what you want online.

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$CX Counter

View your $CX token earnings in real time.

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Watch Timer

Keep up with exactly how much content you have watched.

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Intuitive Video Player

Seamlessly navigate your content with familiar controls.

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Amazing Marketplace

Here’s where you trade your $CX watch2earn rewards for great prizes from top companies!

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Keep up with esports events around the world so you know exactly when to watch and earn!

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Web3 Wallet

MyX gives you an easy to use web3 wallet so you can move into web3 at your own pace!

Download MyX

MyX is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

MyX Highlights

Organize your watch time and rewards with just a few clicks.

Vendor Subscription Plans

Choose from a variety of subscription programs to reach gamers across the globe in web2 and web3.

We are Here to Help You

Have some questions? Send us an email to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Cxmmunity is the company that powers MyX. We’re all about bringing esports to a wider audience. Join the Discord to get involved with the community, gaming tournaments, and much more!

Simply sign up for a MyX account and starting watching content through the MyX app. You begin earning from the first second you watch.

The MyX marketplace is always expanding. You never know what goodies might be in our store, so check back often!

Nope! To use MyX, just start watching content through the app. You can learn the web3 stuff at your own pace!

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    Learn about $CX tokenomics, market sustainability precautions, valuation justification and more in the MyX whitepaper